22 October 2005

Toddycats Engage! October Series

Date: 21 October, 2005
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: RMBR

Toddycats Engaging in October: (back l-r) ivy, ivan, kiah shen, wendy, yuanting, anand r. (front l-r) november, marcus

This is the 3rd monthly Toddycats! Engage! meeting and we saw a strong support of 8 toddycats in total, with 2 very enthusiastic new faces - Anand R. and Ivy.

We were prompt and on time in tackling all the issues on our agenda without straying off topic as the whole meeting was kept on track by most in attendance. At the same time, all topics were given fair amount of attention and everybody present was given a task for the month. Deadlines were set for those that required further monitoring.

Agenda included:

1) Printer cartridge recycling: Anand reported his finding and we resolve that we will start a recycling program by January 2006. In-charge: Marcus

2) Freezing Lecture Theatre Air Conditioning: After reviewing various sources and problems with the issue, including how to tackle the problem in a constructive way, we decided to have Anand R. find out from SOC OED managers if LT are on a thermostat system and thus waste more energy if we increase the lower range of the thermostat and resulting in the aircon being turned on and off repeatedly.

3) OED Campus Recycling: We decided that increasing public knowledge of the existance of recycling bins is not enough as people are abusing the bins. Thus, Kiah Shen will write to OED complimenting their simplified posters showing graphic representations of what can be put in the bins and suggest they show what CAN NOT be put in the bin. Wendy will write to SAVE to compliment them on their poster on existance of recycling bins but also ask them to focus on educating users.

4) November's tree issue is now officially a non issue as the contractor responded one month after the initial letter of complaint and days before the handing over and closure of the whole upgrading project. The trees that are left standing are safe.

5) Rebates for Hybrid Vehicles: We discussed the different hybrid vehicles available in the market and read a newspaper article that stated current rebates are not sufficient. Discussed what are the steps we could do and include: writing to ministries such as NEA to recommend they support the scheme by using hybrid vehicles only. Also recommendations such as having lowered or no parking cost for hybrid vehicles in places like NUS, etc. Finally, thought of writing to forum to promote such things. Action: Ivy is to talk to Prof Koh of APCEL and find out what we can write about and who and where we can write to.

6) Biodegradable plates during Toddycats Dinner: Marcus will find out the name and email contact of the new and old caterer from airani. Marcus will write to compliment the new and Ivan will write to make recommendations to the old caterer.

7) 95 having print out timetables: November to write to compliment on their attempt to promote ease of using public transportation

8) Lights left on in engineering: OED said they will change the sensor to only turn on when in night time conditions. Marcus to monitor and follow up by January 2006.

9) Plastics issue: left out of agenda since Siva was absent and this was his topic.

Next toddycats! Engage! Meeting date:
Due to exams, December will see two engage session.

November Series
2 December 2005 (Friday) 6pm

December Series
30 December 2005 (Friday) 6pm

We now no longer write letters on the spot but with specific task for each member and then they will send their letter to the group to vet before sending on to the intended recipient. Finally, in order to aid discussion and vetting of letters during the month of November, Anand will be helping to set up a online forum session via NUS IVLE to facilitate the process. Non-NUS members will be able to participate. This will help to have more regular discussions too.

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