16 June 2005

Response to the Green Plan 2012 Review

ENV wants feedback on:
- Enhancing Singapore's air quality
- Conserving, valuing and enjoying our waters
- Increasing recycling rate and reducing waste
- Fighting against dengue, keeping our public areas and hawker centres clean
- Conserving our natural heritage

To facilitate this, Otterman is chairing a discussion with Toddycats on: Saturday 25 June: 1pm at DBS Conference Room
to discuss issues and connections to get our minds working.

Then we will take the ENV survey, and submit additional feedback to the ministry directly.

Read the Singapore Green Plan 2012 before coming and compare what you read with your current experiences. Bring your laptop and a thumb drive along if you have one.

Please email Gwynne Lim at rmbrguides@gmail.com if you are coming.

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