10 September 2004

Lunchtime Talk Host Evaluation

On Monday, I hosted the talk given by Siva for Campus Green Committee.

Things that went wrong:
1) Asking the audience if they could hear me
2) Stage-fright
3) Uncertainty in speaking

Things that went well:
1) Memorising the script beforehand serves to delay the stage-fright.

Recommendations/Lessons Learnt:
1) Be at the venue at least 10 minutes beforehand to determine the place to stand, the availablity of the microphone, rehearse mentally and don't panic.
2) Appear confident
3) Speak with confidence
4) Don't panic and breathe.
5) Address all the audience, looking at them in the eye.
6) Rehearse and practise beforehand

1 comment:

Monkey said...

a suggestion perhaps...

1) it may actually be alright to ask the audience if they could hear you if you made it into a joke or a friendly approach to it. Do not be afriad of them. They are also there to enjoy the talk.

you can probably put these points you mentioned into more practice and do better at your UROPS presentation - especially the bit about the eye contact! first rule in public speaking! heh :)