13 August 2004

12th Aug 2004 BEJC Presentation Evaluations

Thanks for the evaluation!
No self-bashing, take this as a good learning experience.
It was a very important lesson for me as well! =)

Computer System
Just found out from my friend that the cable that we plug into the laptop is the same one that should be connected to the CPU. The CPU itself is self sufficient without the monitor. Of course I never knew that the same cable connects to both. I always used a laptop or had someone else do the connecting for me!

Time Management
Guess it was a balance between keeping to the time or allowing the flow of questions. I chose the latter cos people were actually genuinely interested in the presentations!
Also, I think the main reason why it ended at 9 pm was because of the poor transition between speakers (should have pre-loaded all presentations on desktop) and we started almost 20 mins late.

We should all be there at least 10-15 mins before the presentation to load our slides onto the desktop.

Yueat Tin was actually early but didn't know that she could knock on the glass door to get Ms Tan to open the conference room door from inside. I've called Ms Tan in the afternoon to tell her we were coming in at 6.45 pm but I did not disseminate this info, so that was my fault! And I only arrived at 6.50 pm & was limited by my lack of computer knowledge...

Anyway, for any future late events at DBS conference room, please call Ms Tan to inform her, she normally stays till 8 pm so she can open the meeting room door for you.

Upon reflection, the "host" should have ensured all the speakers arrive on time and load all their slides before the crowd arrives. So that is something I've to note as well.

Overall, it was a very good sharing experience I must say! Very insightful & many beautiful pictures too!


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